Raven Jane vocals featured on new Lotus album


Electronic jam band Lotus released their long-awaited new album Eat the Light this month feahttps://lotusvibes.bandcamp.com/turing guest vocals on each track. Raven Jane collaborates with Lotus on “Suntan.” Download it at the Lotus bandcamp page.

Check out a few early reviews:

“Last to feature is “Suntan,” probably the most summery arrangement on the whole album. With vocals from Rachel Eisenstat and the west-coast twang of the guitar, it all feels fitting for a romp across hot sand or cool grass with a cool drink and a hot human.” – Mitchell Treend, The Untz

“Suntan” features the timeless, gorgeous vocals of Denver-based singer Rachel Eisenstat (Raven Jane). A tropical, sun-drenched vibe is accented with reverb-soaked guitar, marimba, and percussion.” – Grateful Web


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